For Realtors

Make Freelon Property Inspections a Part of Your Team

Freelon Property Inspections knows how to work with your client. We have a proven system of inspecting houses, but client interaction is a top priority of ours. We take time to coach your client through the unexpected findings in their home.

If You're a Selling Agent

Did you know that Freelon can help you lower the chance of a derailed sale? In fact, we can help you lower that chance by approximately 70%. Why do these sales go wrong?

  1. Problems uncovered during a buyers home inspection
  2. Buyers have come up on price and don't want to pay for repairs
  3. Sellers have come down on price and don't want to pay for repairs

Solve this problem by having a pre-listing inspection! Why have the stress of multiple negotiation meetings when all hiccups can get worked out with this pre-listing inspection? Set your seller's price expectation with accuracy. Freelon keeps your sale on track and your client happy. 

Join us on an inspection! We're not just the inspection company, we're a part of your team. Contact us today and begin your simplified transaction process!


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